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Although it is easy for people to gravitate toward trendy colors, it's essential to maintain a consistent scheme. Each detail needs to be considered, from the most important accents to small details. There will be something for everyone regardless of where they are located in the color spectrum.

You have endless possibilities when you use browns or earth colors in your house. Natural hues offer flexibility and are the best option. You want paint colors to feel as if your raw materials are at the home. Consider tinted blacks, stone grays, and warm chocolates. To add some color, you could choose hues like terracotta and rust. You can also use a photograph from your favorite landscape as inspiration. Inspiration comes from the natural world.

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2022 will be the year of pattern and color. You can decide how much of each color you want. If this is your first time trying bold colors, you can start by using playful accents like wall art or throw pillows. Mixing and matching colors and patterns is a great way to get into the trend. Print and textured wallpapers will be popular for this trend. This design is in keeping the 70's retro trend. Give your space a vintage feel.

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Color trends can be summarized by looking at the Colors for the Year. From Pantone's Very Peri which is inspired from light purple to the variety of colors available by different paint companies, you're certain to find the perfect color. Before you start covering the whole room, you can begin small with any style or color.

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This trend isn't for the faint-hearted. However, it can pack a punch if executed properly. This trend allows trim to be painted the exact same color on walls, ceilings, and doors. This trick can also make smaller rooms appear larger and lower ceilings seem taller.

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You can use trims or statement doors to fill empty spaces. It takes very little. It's possible to use leftover paint as a feature doorway. This is a great way of adding color to your exteriors or interiors without needing to paint.

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The colors will not only be used on walls this year. Colored window treatments are becoming more popular. Although solid panels are still a favourite, it is becoming more popular to use patterns. Curtains can easily be replaced, making them the perfect place to experiment and try new colors or patterns.

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